Our commitments

Producing these flowers, each with its inimitable scent, while respecting nature and mankind, is the basis of our commitments as growers in the Extraordinary Flowers of Grasse Association.

We are all signatories of a common charter in which we advocate solidarity, transparency, quality, and certified organic production.
Our partners, processors and finished product brands, both present and future, share our values and respect the principles set forth in our charter.

“To stand out by producing extraordinary crops intrinsic to local identity, and do so while respecting and protecting the riches so generously given us by the earth.”

Nos engagements

Our values are our commitment

  • 1 – Produce “clean” crops:

    Respecting the environment and landscapes, ensuring proper space management as I engage in production that has been certified organic. I do my best to minimize distances between production areas and processing sites


  • 2 – Promote territorial identity:

    Promote and protect the origins of my crops with a recognized emblem (label, brand, etc.)

  • 3 – Preserve local knowledge and savoir-faire and pass them on to members :

    Facilitate integration of new members and support them in their efforts


4 – Maintain a nursery for plants needed:

    To facilitate development of my own crops and those of new members, and reserve a portion of my production for the possible manufacture and sales of a range of products common to all association members


5 – Ensure full traceability of my crops:

    Growing and operating conditions, logistics, processing, storage, etc.

  • 6 – Demonstrate a spirit of solidarity and sharing:

    For example, sharing information, experience, and best practices that could serve collective interests; pool resources as much as possible (such as use of our equipment and tools); be an active participant in collective actions, etc.

  • 7 – Promote the collective behalf of Les Fleurs d’Exception du Pays de Grasse:

    Actively participate in promotional activities, such as trade shows.

8 – A constant learning:

    Consistently pursue training and self-improvement, seeking steady professional progress and learning

  • 9 – Be transparent and sincere:

    In my relationships with the members, my customers, and all my stakeholders

  • 10 – Balance collective objectives:

    With respect and integrity concerning life choices and our individual commitments.

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Emblematic flowers

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Extraordinary land

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Unspoiled nature

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Unspoiled nature

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A recognized and precious identity

The savoir-faire of yesteryear
has truly become an art…