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Dear Future Partner:

As a manager, your priority is doing what is needed to ensure your company’s long-term health and success.

We, as perfume-plant growers, share the same concerns.

In our quest for partnerships to support and promote Grasse’s agricultural activities and the plants they produce, we invite you to learn about the initiatives led by our non-profit association,  Les Fleurs d’Exception du Pays de Grasse (The Extraordinary Flowers of Grasse). We are committed to protecting and sustaining Grasse’s agricultural heritage. As we work to preserve and promote our flower crops, a number of companies, joined by members of Grasse Expertise, stand with us to:

  • Promote a matchless supply chain, the medicinal, aromatic, and perfume plants of the Pays de Grasse (Grasse region),
  •  Contribute to the general-interest mission of preserving and promoting the terroir, landscapes, local traditions, and savoir-faire that have made the Pays de Grasse one of the world’s leading areas for perfume-plant cultivation,
  •  Promote organic farming for Pays de Grasse flower and plant crops, and
  •  Support the integration of new organic farmers in the Pays de Grasse.

We lend our full support to the Patrimoine Vivant du Pays de Grasse association to further that body’s application to UNESCO to have our region’s perfume-related savoir-faire labeled as a form of Intangible Cultural Heritage. A nursery project overseen by the AFL1 officially contributes to the mission of safeguarding our botanical heritage, paralleling this important request for recognition.

You can also help our cause by supporting the Aromatic Fablab project!

Your involvement in and commitment to this adventure have both economic and human value by virtue of the jobs created locally through this industry. With your help, our Grasse heritage will remain the pride of our region and our country. Your contribution will further burnish the already stellar reputation of the major brands of luxury French-made fragrances.

To know more about the endowment fund, please consult the dedicated website :

Endowment fund for the preservation of Pays de Grasse perfume plants

Thanks to your donation we can:

  • Develop a plant nursery to help local production
  • Reach out public and private actors to help new producers start their business
  • Develop a young plant nursery to help local productions
  • Do research and development on species from local biodiversity
  • organise workgroups to preserve the generations-old-savoir-faire and support skills transfer


You can download our donation form below

 In return for your donation, a tax receipt will be sent to you,

enabling you to deduct up to 66% of your gift

on your next tax declaration (only for french residents).

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Unspoiled nature

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Unspoiled nature

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A recognized and precious identity

The savoir-faire of yesteryear
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